Orlice Stronghold restaurant

The restaurant for the public and hotel guests is located on the ground floor of the fortress in a Renaissance hall.

This section was built in 1542, and the recently discovered preserved figurative paintings and decorative sgraffito here is from that time. The uniqueness of this discovery is multiplied by the information obtained from the scratched out messages on the drawings. Among other things of note, the original signature of Ludvík Suda Zikmund of Řenče, who was most likely either the father of the fort owner, or possibly even the owner himself.

In warm weather, you can sit outside on the ramparts and look out over the pond.

The restaurant is open every day:

Monday - Saturday from 11:00pm to 22:00pm
Sunday from 10:00am to 22:00pm

Contact restaurant:
tel.: +420 465 677 730, e-mail: