July 2011 – archaeological field survey – 2nd stage

In the photographs, you can see the extent of previously unknown buildings – a cellar with corridor to the courtyard, an outside drainage trough on the north side leading, surprisingly, through a shaft in the wall to the cellar, from where the water was expelled through a trough in the floor onto the southern slope. The foundations of a rectangular building were found behind the western fortification wall, whose corner is close to the original fort. As well as a number of wall remains on the northern side of the original fort, whose connection to the fort must first be investigated, the largest underground newly discovered objects are a number (probably) of cellars above which there must have been further floors.

These buildings are east of the chateau on the side above the pond. We were able to incorporate the most interesting section in the new construction, thus preserving it to show to visitors. After careful measurement, most of these discoveries are put back again and with the new buildings going on top of them. About 70 boxes (from bananas) have already been filled with archaeological discoveries during the whole second stage of the survey, which represents an incredible amount. The most valuable are the pieces of pottery from the 14th century, and even a few whole pottery vases were found, about 7 cm in size. All the major discoveries (let’s hope) will be exhibited at the fort. (The discoveries are the property of the Pardubice Region)